Up for Camping? Here is what you should do to make it enjoyable!

Up for Camping? Here is what you should do to make it enjoyable!

The world we live in at present is marked with numerous technological and other advancements that have taken place over many years. These advancements have led to progress and have also left a significant impact on people’s lifestyles. It brought in a wave of ease and comfort in the lives along with a rush to get it more. Amidst this rush of everyday life, it becomes vital to hang on and take a break. And one of the ways to live up to this break at its best is camping.

Camping has been making its way to the top of the priority list when choosing an outdoor activity. As stated in Campground Industry Trends Report 2019, there has been an increase of up to 72% since 2014 in the number of campers who camp three or more times in a year (Source: Cairn Consulting Group).


But just choosing camping as an option will not make it enjoyable. You must know what activities you need to take up to enjoy your camping experience to the fullest. Some of the exciting activities which can make it to your list are listed below.

Water Activities

A Balloon Fight

One way to unfold happy times and ensure that a kid within everyone wakes up is to start and enjoy the water balloons fight.


If given a chance, then why not! An experience of being underwater will end up being one of the most cherished ones out of the entire list of activities, especially if you love swimming.


Night Activities

Flashlight Tag

Having had played hide & seek in childhood, why not try a different version of it while camping. In this, one has to tag the person with a flashlight once they find the hider.


A few card games, good music, or maybe the jam session around the campfire is one such common activity that brings in the sense of joy and peace and makes it to the list most of the time.

Physical/Sports Activities


Capture the Flag

People divided into two teams hide the flags in their territory as decided by the teams. The task of both the competing teams is to use their brains, pace and stamina to bring the flag of the competitor’s team in their territory.


Another interesting thing could be to take up cycling as an activity and explore the campsite & its beauty.

Being One with Nature

Study the Stars

Lie down below the stars at night, study its pattern & let its beauty seep into your heart. It will indeed render peace.


Release Sky Lanterns

Light up the sky lanterns and let them fly. The beauty of the sky will increase manifolds, and that sight will be worth capturing in your heart and cameras.